Deutsch Drahthaar vom Moorehaus
Bred by hunters for responsible hunting.
Forrest Moore
Breed standard...
through performance
to standard.
Southeast Hunter Chapter
Group North America
Arko vom Moorehaus at 12 yrs old (Dec 2012)
Arko vom Moorehaus
  Moorehaus Deutsch-Drahthaar Puppies
We have no litters planned for the foreseeable future.
Should I plan another breeding, it will be posted here.
Please begin your search for a DD, first by research, and then by visiting
the GNA website's litter listing page.

Here at vom Moorehaus (which by the way translates to "from the Moore's house") we do not maintain a kennel full of DD's just for breeding. I am very fortunate to have been entrusted with the continuation of the vom Drosselbart line of Deutsch Drahthaars originated by Dr. James D. Grady. We rely heavily on those that test and train their Deutsch Drahthaar for prospective suitable DD’s for breeding. Just because a dog passes all tests and is certified for breeding does not mean that they have what is needed for potential breeding stock: Prepotency. The ability to reproduce the versatile traits desired is not "a given". While a dog may be an outstanding individual it may not be able to reproduce itself. This is where careful observation of litters as they complete the standardized testing of the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar- Group North America is most valuable, but it only works if you prepare and participate.
We do normally take one pup from each litter and train them through the breed test. It is in this way that we can better ascertain not only the natural abilities but also the trainability. Here again, my wish is not to have a kennel full of dogs that are under utilized. I have my DD's for the same reason that you are seeking one - to hunt. I am not, nor do I have aspirations to be, a professional trainer. I do however enjoy training and helping others.

I will be happy to talk with you about Moorehaus Drahthaar or the VDD. Please, feel free to contact me anytime. For more information about the VDD-GNA visit their website, or call their National Inquiries representatives, Neal and Rhonda Feazel at (815)734-7078.


No Litters expected at this time


"Z" vom Moorehaus
February 6, 2015
"Y" vom Moorehaus
February 2012
"X" vom Moorehaus
December 25, 2011
"W" vom Moorehaus
April 29, 2011
"V" vom Moorehaus
July 12, 2010
"U" vom Moorehaus
November 7, 2009
"T" vom Moorehaus
February 27, 2009
"S" vom Moorehaus
November 27, 2008
"R" vom Moorehaus
December 3, 2007
"Q" vom Moorehaus
April 23, 2007
"P" vom Moorehaus
March 13, 2007
"O" vom Moorehaus
March 4, 2006
"N" vom Moorehaus
October 30, 2005
"M" vom Moorehaus
August 29, 2005
"L" vom Moorehaus
February 15, 2005
"K" vom Moorehaus
September 27, 2004
"J" vom Moorehaus
August 28, 2004
"I" vom Moorehaus
January 30, 2004
"H" vom Moorehaus
October 27, 2003
"G" vom Moorehaus
September 19, 2003
"F" vom Moorehaus
March 26, 2003
"E" vom Moorehaus
June 19, 2002
"D" vom Moorehaus
December 9, 2001
"C" vom Moorehaus
September 8, 2001
"B" vom Moorehaus
February 26, 2001
"A" vom Moorehaus
August 26, 2000
Deutsch Drahthaar vom Moorehaus
Forrest Moore
Southeast Hunter Chapter
Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar
Group North America
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