Deutsch Drahthaar vom Moorehaus
Bred by hunters for responsible hunting.
Forrest Moore
Breed standard...
through performance
to standard.
Southeast Hunter Chapter
Group North America
Arko vom Moorehaus at 12 yrs old (Dec 2012)
Arko vom Moorehaus

Selectively bred for versatile hunting for more than 100 years, the Deutsch-Drahthaar is a hunting dog with inherited natural abilities, such as nose, search, pointing, tracking, cooperation, love of water, retrieving, and temperament.

We have no litters planned for the foreseeable future.
Should I plan another breeding, it will be posted here.
Please begin your search for a DD, first by research, and then by visiting
the GNA website's litter listing page.
A considerable amount of time and effort has gone into the development of this website by my wife, Tracie, for the primary purpose of educating those interested in the Deutsche Drahthaar.
I am fortunate to have this in house ability but please understand that I am just a guy that lives on a dirt road that likes to hunt and can't imagine doing it without a Deutsche Drahthaar.
Deutsch Drahthaar

Deutsch Drahthaar

Beatrix "Rena" vom Gatlin Creek

This site is for those of you seeking information on the Deutsch Drahthaar, its abilities and characteristics. It is also a place of documentation of those DD owners progress with their Deutsche Drahthaar. Many had zero training experience but through determination and a little frustration  they succeeded. To those owners that took responsibility for training and testing their DD I am very appreciative.

But on the other side of the coin are those that wish to simply "own" a DD and as the years have progressed this status symbol seeker type has become a far too frequent inquirer for a Deutsche Drahthaar puppy.

After many years as an "outsider" breed, the DD has now caught the attention of the public. As American dog history reveals this is not a good thing. As mentioned above the "status seeker" is the norm nowadays when it comes to what a breeder has to sift through in order to find a proper Hunting home for a DD pup. As is the norm with the general public, potential owners do not wish to be inconvenienced with questions from a breeder. They only want to know where to send the check.

This situation leads to a breeder having to ask himself about his future in regards to the integrity of the Deutsche Drahthaar. The integrity of the breed should be at the forefront of all decisions made by a Breeder in a Breed Organization. At vom Moorehause our decision was made long ago.

Before you decide to obtain a DD, go visit a Breeder. Make sure it is one that has actually trained and tested DD's. And one that actually hunts with them. Go to training days and tests in your area. Don't take someone else's word, over the phone, as to whether the DD is for you or not. Go see for yourself. Learn what is involved.

It is my hope that the information contained herein is helpful to you and if I can answer any questions let me know.  If you seek a status elsewhere.

August, 2015

Deutsch Drahthaar

Growing up in rural West Central Georgia in the 1960's & 70's, there were many days when my only companion was of the four-legged type. My Father and Grandfather were avid bird hunters and I tagged along on many occasions. My earliest childhood memory is of watching from atop my Grandfather's shoulders as my Father walked up to an English Pointer on point and flushed the birds, Bobwhite Quail. From that point on I have been fascinated with gun dogs. By the time I was old enough to carry a gun afield, the Bobwhite Quail was no longer numerous enough to warrant maintaining a kennel of bird dogs. Although most of my early hunting years were spent in pursuit of big game (deer, turkey, etc.) I never lost my fascination with gun dogs.

While in the U.S. Navy I read an article by Larry Mueller titled "The Versatile Uglydog". Upon reading about the Deutsch Drahthaar, I knew that this was the dog for me. Deutsch DrahthaarAfter a brief and disappointing trial with an AKC German Wirehaired Pointer, I saw an ad in Quail Unlimited and contacted Jim Grady of Opelika, AL. Dr. Grady was the current chairman of the VDD-GNA. He explained the philosophy of the VDD and promptly put me in touch with a registered kennel. I purchased my first VDD pup, Anna vom Highview, "Annabelle." She surpassed all of my expectations and quickly became a valued hunting companion and a treasured family member.

Having hunted with DD's for over 20 years I have more and more respect and affirmation of the results of performance testing. Contained herein are my personal thoughts on being a DD owner.

Arko vom Moorehaus, 12 yr old Drahthaar Arko vom Moorehaus, 12 yr old Drahthaar Jim Russell Deutsch Drahthaar
Jim Russell Deutsch Drahthaar Deutsch Drahthaar Chuck Sanders
Deutsch Drahthaar Deutsch Drahthaar Deutsch Drahthaar Chuck Sanders
The Deutsch-Drahthaar
is the versatile hunting dog that will satisfy
all aspects of hunting
in field, forest, and water.
Forrest Moore
Forrest Moore

Moorehaus is a registered kennel of the Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar (VDD), and a member of the Southeast Hunter Chapter of Group North America (VDD-GNA).

I will be happy to talk with you about Moorehaus Deutsch-Drahthaar or the VDD, please, feel free to contact me anytime.

For more information about VDD-GNA visit their website, or call their National Inquiries representatives, Neal and Rhonda Feazel at (815)734-7078.

Q: Which hunting dog breeds have the right temperament to serve also as a guard/protection-type dog?
A: The most useful hunting dog that is also trainable for protection is the German Drahthaar. German wirehairs (drahthaar is "wirehair" in German), as registered by the American Kennel Club, have not been bred for much except bird hunting, but Drahthaars bred by members of the Verein Deutsch Drahthaar/Group North America (German registered) still are tested for widely versatile talents.... -Larry Mueller, Hunting Dogs Editor, Outdoor Life, May 2002
Deutsch Drahthaar vom Moorehaus
Forrest Moore
Southeast Hunter Chapter
Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar
Group North America
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